L'École de la Courtoisie et du Protocole


Geneviève Pasquier Zipper de Fabiani FRENCH SCHOOL OF ETIQUETTE & PROTOCOL


Living in harmony with people of different cultures can be a powerful and positive approach to Globalization.


All you need  is to follow expert guidelines.


The ECOLE DE LA COURTOISIE ET DU PROTOCOLE, located in the elegant, historical and trendy area of Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, has been created to provide two kinds of learning :


- For those who wish to know the French codes of Savoir-Vivre to enhance the quality of both their professional and social life, or to take a step further and learn the "French Art de Vivre", through theoretic, practical, and fun lessons.

- For those who seek for their international career (international executives, diplomats, CEO/managers...) to master rules of French and International business and social Protocol, via individual or group sessions and seminars.



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